BFT10-110 Differential Pressure Transmitter for Low Pressure || ATEK ||

0~0,0025bar…0,01bar…1bar pressure range
Suitable for low pressure
φ8 agnail connection, easy to install
±0.5%…±3%FS accuracy
4-20 mA analog output
IP65 protection class

BFT10-110 Differential Pressure Transmitter is ideal for use at low pressures. Pressure connection is in M10 thread and agnail structure. It is widely used in the field of automatic pressure detection and control for air supply in underground ventilation and other electrical and mining industries.

 Pressure Range Output Protection Accuracy Datasheet
0~0,0025bar…0,001bar…1bar 4-20mA IP 65 ±0.5%…±3%FS
  • φ8 agnail connection, easy to install
  • Measuring tiny gas differential pressure value
  • Firm and well-sealed aluminium alloy housing
  • The zero point and full span of the product can be adjusted externally
  • With the short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection
  • Full range compensation for zero and sensitivity temperature
  • Strong anti-interference capacity, stability performance


Pressure range


Pressure reference

Differential pressure


% 200FS

Supply & output

4~20mA (16~36V)

Comprehensive accuracy

0.001bar, 0.0025bar: ±3%FS
0.005bar, 0.01bar, 0.02bar: ±2%FS
0.05bar, 0.07bar, 0.1bar: ±1.5%FS
0,1bar~1bar: ±0.5%FS

Operating temp.

-10°C … +60°C

Medium temp.

-10°C … +60°C

Storage temp.

-40°C … +125°C

Zero temp. coefficient

±%2.5FS (@0°C~50°C)

Sensitivity temp. coefficient

±S (@0°C~50°C)



Response time

≤1ms (FS’ekadar)

Mechanical vibration

20G (20~5000Hz)


100g (11ms)



Long-term stability

±% 0.2FS/yıl

Service life

≥10×108 pressure cycles


Stainless steel or aluminium alloy for Housing

Medium compatibility

All kinds of media compatible with the stainless steel or aluminium alloy

Widely applies in the air supply for boiler, underground ventilation and other electricity and mining industries, as well as the process control field of automated pressure detection for the super clean workshop.