Atek Electronic Sensor Technologies; It was established in 2002 within Alfa Elektronik, the undisputed leader in industrial sensors in Turkey, to manufacture and export domestic sensors with its experience accumulated over many years. As Atek Sensor Technologies, as a result of our many years of R&D studies, we have designed and produced electronic and mechanical magnetic linear encoder systems, optical linear ruler, rotary encoder, linear potentiometer, pressure transmitter, rope potentiometer and encoder, tilt sensor, measurement equipment in Turkey. control devices and digital coordinate reading units are used safely on thousands of machines in many different industrial areas in Turkey and over 60 countries around the world.

As Atek family, we constantly renew ourselves with our expert engineer team and contribute to technology in position control and measurement devices in Turkey and the world with our innovative philosophy. We offer our high quality and precision products with minimum delivery time by customizing them in line with the needs of our customers.

To add strength to your power, we are here for all your automation solutions and your future!/p>