PS 110 Series Profile || ATEK || Made in Türkiye

Suitable for MLS 110/120/130/210 series
Extra easy mounting
Sturdy aluminum housing
Unlimited mechanical life
IP67 protection class

“L” type profile designed for MLS 110/120/130/210 series magnetic reader sensors; B series 5mm magnetic tape integrated in profile; non-contact, frictionless measurement

Body Material Protection Class Reader Sensor-Tape Operating Distance Datasheet
Aluminum IP 67 1,5 mm (Max 2,5 mm)
  • “L” type profile integrated with magnetic tape for MLS 110/120/130/210 series
  • Extra easy installation possibility
  • Rugged aluminum body
  • Insensitive to external factors such as moisture, oil and dust
  • Unlimited mechanical life due to contactless and frictionless operation

*We highly recommend using our Process Control Devices to precisely display measured values on your Magnetic Linear Scale for motion conrolling, and our DRO(Digital Readout) Displays to use on metal working machines such as CNC, lathe etc.



Reader Sensor-Tape Operating Distance

1,5 mm (max 2,5 mm)

Magnetic Tape Type

B5 (Optional B2)


Infinite (Contactless)

Body Material

Aluminum (L) Type Profile

Protection Class


Operating Temperature

-25°C … +85°C

  • Used with MLS 110/120/130/210 series reader sensorsr