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HSO Series Encoder Signal Conditioner and Optical Isolator

Provides optical isolation between the encoder signal and PLC, servo driver or other input devices
Can change the encoder’s signal voltage to match the receiver input
Converts non-differential output (A, B, Z) to differential output (A, B, Z, A/, B/, Z/)
Converts differential output (A, B, Z, A/, B/, Z/) to non-differential output (A, B, Z)
Converts open collector output to differential or non-differential output
Easy mounting on panels with DIN Rail system

Versatile interface between incremental encoder and receiving devices; Ability to convert non-differential signal to differential, differential signal to non-differential; cleaning noisy signals; adjusting the encoder signal voltage according to the receiver; DIN rail system

 Isolator Output Type Isolator Input Type Isolator Signal Input Voltage Output Speed Isolator Output Voltage Datasheet
A, B, Z, A/, B/, Z/ Quadrature Differential line driver Non-differential line driver, non-differential open collector 5-30VDC (TTL, RS422, Line Driver) 1 Mhz Max 5VDC differential line driver, 5-24VDC differential line driver